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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Annoying People on Instagram

Author's Note:  In this piece I, more or less, ranted about my thoughts of people on Instagram.  Please note the word choice, voice, and introduction.  

Ah, the journey in the wonderful world of Instagram.  Since people have discovered it, ages ago, it seems, it has become a constant routine in their lives.  Posting pictures, liking pictures, commenting, following--basically another name for a Facebook copy.  Now, the focus of this essay?  The things that people do on Instagram that I just cannot even comprehend how this is socially acceptable at all.  Besides from the obvious irritating text lingo, we have 3 categories of “annoying” people on Instagram: the self-absorbed, the ranters, and the follower obsessors.  

It’s not limited just to Instagram; it’s all over the block.   The idea of abbreviating words especially popular on the internet or apps like Instagram.  Text lingo.  Let’s focus on a couple, first of all YOLO: you only live once.  So inspirational, whatever, but there’s so many people that use it in all the wrong terms.  For example, people will talk about doing really stupid things like jumping off a cliff and then they’ll say, “HAHAHA! YOLO! You should!” No.  You only live once, so let’s try not to mess it up by making stupid decisions.  And then there’s ILY.  ILY?  I love you, I like you,  will someone please explain this to me?  Honestly, let’s just cut the text lingo all together because to make it perfectly blunt, you sound like a 10 year old girl with her brand new iPhone that daddy just bought for you.  Anything for daddy’s little girl.  

Now that that’s all cleared up, we move next to the first category of people: the self-absorbed--whose only task is to post pictures of their face.  Not with friends or family or standing in front of some cool place they went to.  Just repetitive pictures of only their face.  Honey, I know you are beautiful and all, but if I really want to follow you I want to look at something other than your countless selfies.   Not only are there the pictures not enough, but people feel the need to add captions about how ugly they are.  First of all, you’re not ugly and secondly if you legitimately thought that then you wouldn’t have posted the picture.  It’s pretty obvious you’re just looking for attention and for people to comment on how pretty you really are.  Inside and out.  Riiight.  

Next we have come to the ranters.  Let’s get something straight, Instagram is an app for posting your pictures.  Not a little rant session for you to tell the world how much your life is just awful because your friend told you she didn’t like your shirt.  Stick it in a juicebox and suck it up.  If you were really depressed, I’m positive you wouldn’t be sharing it with a bunch of random strangers on the internet.  And honestly, sweetie, no one cares.  Go talk to your cat or something.  

Finally, we have come to the follower obsessors.  Like I said, it’s a sight for sharing PICTURES not crying because only 20 people like you enough to follow you to see pictures of your face.  And they feel the need to share with all their followers like “OMG, guys.  I lost 2 followers.  Why must everyone hate me?!” Are you kidding me?  Also, in their little status they say “Follow me and I’ll follow you back...maybe.”  If there is even a sliver of a chance you won’t follow someone back, then don’t even bother saying it.  It’s misleading and irritating, and overall just pointless.  Or they will say, “I’ll follow you back if you’re not a creeper.”  So, then I follow you, thinking things will be all fine and dandy, right?  Wrong.  For some reason you are under the impression that I am a “creeper” and don’t follow me back.  Umm, excuse me?  

Some people, I think, are just generally and completely clueless about the real world.  Society has practically been brainwashing people for ages and they don’t even notice it.  Or maybe I am just being paranoid and over dramatic about all  these things that people do online, I don’t know.  But seriously.  Some people need to be happy with what they have and stop exaggerating everything in the worst possible way.  Oh, and maybe getting some hobbies or actually socializing with other human beings would do you some good.  Just, please, stop annoying other people who actually want to use these apps, like Instagram, for its actual purpose.   


  1. Wow, Cassie, that was great! Amazing example of a perfectly written persuasive essay. Your voice was incredible-- it's like you are talking right to me-- and I think that you totally achieved your goal with your intro... "the self-absorbed, the ranters, and the follower obsessors"-- LOVED IT!

  2. I love your voice in this piece! It's informative and entertaining. It's 100% you. I like how you had some humor too! This piece made my day!

  3. Love. Love. Love. AND LOVE. Your voice was amazing, and the humor you added was natural and didn't seem forced. It really showed the reader your personality. I like the topic you chose too, because almost everyone can relate to it :) Nice persuasion skills too!

  4. This piece was AMAZING! I loved it! Your voice in this piece was outstanding. You had a point and you proved it! Great! I wish I wrote this piece! There was absolutely noting wrong with this piece and I think it should be published! :) This is so true though... all of it! From ranters to selfie-sunday pics. This describes it all! You are am amazing writer!


  5. This piece was outstanding! I read the entire thing in your voice because I could hear it so clearly! There are no suggestions that I can give you because this piece is basically perfect. I loved it. Great job!

  6. I know that this may not be your creative piece, but seriously, this is awesome. I can really tell that you used a lot of voice. :)

  7. Like Rachel said, I could totally hear you saying this. You obviously don't always sound like this but it sounded like you when you just got it trouble for doing nothing and you're arguing for your point. Great persuasion and HILARIOUS!! I'm glad someone actually addressed the crazed instagramers out there! OH! And by the way, you should change your settings so I don't have to prove I'm a human. ;)