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Friday, January 18, 2013

Little House

Author’s Note:  In this piece I reflected and analyzed upon one of my favorite songs of all time, “Little House” by the Fray.  I think they’re lyrics are incredible and have so much meaning behind them, and this is just my interpretation of one of them.  

She doesn't look, she doesn't see
“Fall seven times, get up eight,” an unidentified voice whispered in her ear.  But she saw nothing, felt nothing.  Numb.  Emotions were a strange concept.  Her past has been long blocked out of her mind, her memories tinted with age, the speck of remembrance that did remain was ignored.  For the sake of holding herself together.  
Opens up for nobody
The walls she built up around herself were...impassable, in a sense. Her family had fallen apart years ago, after her mother had passed. She hadn't seen her remaining family in years.  They had kept in touch at first, but slowly the phone calls had turned to none.  They had nothing left to say.
Figures out, she figures out
She had dreams once, too, but she mustn't dwell on what had once been. That was her past, and this was her future. Unmoving, non progressing, still.   
Narrow line, she can't decide
She kept her head down, she could not force herself to even look anyone in the eyes.  Her life was nothing special, she knew, for she was buried deep in her own depression. Every step she took, it seemed it was a step on a tightrope, balancing as not to fall, fall too deep.  She didn't know what to do anymore.  
Everything short of suicide
Her sleeve slipped down her foreman exposing 2 single words scrawled on her wrist.  "Stay Strong." She didn't know how much longer she could.  

Something is scratching its way out
She had so many secrets.  Secrets she dare not share with anyone.  
Something you want to forget about
These secrets haunted her every single day.  The pain was there.  The pain was always there.  It never left.  
A part of you that'll never show
Hidden, from the world.  Her dreams, her hopes, her identity.  She couldn’t bring herself to trust anyone anymore.  
You're the only one that'll ever know
She did have someone once.  Someone she could tell all of her secrets too.  Someone who would comfort her when she cried.  Someone who had promised forever.  But like anything else in her life--it came to an end.  
Take it back when it all began
She didn’t regret that time exactly.  Wished she could erase it from her memory, maybe, but there the idea of regrets was doubtful.  
Take your time, would you understand
Time was a luxury, and like anything else, unaffordable in her case.  She didn’t give any to others and no one gave any to her.  It was just the way things had always been.  Well, until him.   
What it's all about?  What it's all about?
She was confused and lonely.  Mostly lonely.  It swallowed her, leaving her breathless.  The pit in her midst of her stomach would ache full of longing, desperation.   With every ounce of her being she forced herself to keep her head down and keep walking.  Watching as her footsteps moved farther and farther away from where she wanted to be.   

No one expects you to get up
Her only self confidence, came from herself which was not saying much.  There was no one for her to talk to.  No one to turn to.  No one to catch her when she fell.  She only had herself to rely on; she fell to the ground.   
All on your own with no one around
She laid there for a while.  Thinking.  About how she didn’t want to go on; she wanted out.  Out of this misery, out of her life.  But there was a little voice in her head.  Her mother’s.  It was clear now. She stood up, brushing herself off.  With a shaky breath she stared at the path ahead of her.  And continued on.  “Fall seven times, get up eight,” the voice of her mother urged her on her way into infinity.  

-Little House by The Fray

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  1. I have never heard this song, but now I am going to have to. I love how you read the song in your own way and turned it into a story. Very creative! You are a very talented writer, because you are never afraid to express your opinions. Amazing!