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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wicked: Creative Piece

Author's Note: In this piece, I added a creative scene going off of my prediction. I chose someone who I thought was the new "A" if my prediction did prove correct and went from there.

It wasn’t difficult. To steal the journal, I mean. It was after all taken into police evidence, where I walked by only every single day of the week. And police evidence goes missing all the time. And being a cop, I was probably one of the most trusted citizens in all of Rosewood. Not to mention, um, I practically live in the station. There was also little issue with Ian, the one accused for killing Alison DiLaurentis? I knew I had to act soon to avoid any further complications. Well, if I didn’t want to torment these girls as “A” from a jail cell, at least.

Killing Ian wouldn’t be challenging, I knew. Although we were the same age, went to highschool together even, I had the years of police training under my belt. How were these girls so convinced Ian was Ali’s murderer anyway? Because Mona told them? She was the original “A,” for crying out loud, she’d been filling their minds with lies months beforehand. You have to possess certain qualities to kill, which luckily I had mastered ages ago.

I’d always known where Ian had gone off too, but instead of reporting it, I encouraged the escape. It was mainly for the suspense for the liars, but part of me knew I just wanted the perfect location to kill him. Deep inside of me I knew it was sick, twisted and sick, yet I couldn’t bring myself to regret the decisions that had lead me to this moment. The crunching of leaves beneath his feet, gave him away even before he had time to reach where I stood. Graceful as always. I had chosen my location well. The midst of the woods, the very exact place where I had killed Ali. And Ian had watched it all. It impressed me that the kid was able to keep the secret this long, judging the way he squirmed every time he saw me. Just at the thought of Ian made me want to laugh out loud, I liked having that power. That power to terrify people.

“Hello, Ian.” I said, smiling at the look that crossed his face, as he stopped dead in his tracks. Fear. It only empowered me further. “You.” he replied, venom seemingly dripped from his tone. He turned suddenly, but I was one step ahead of him. I grabbed his wrist, pinning it behind his back, enabling any attempt to run. He kicked back against me and I let go of my hold, silently muttering curses under my breath as I did so. Now sooner had he turned to face me, my hands were around his throat. His eyes bulged as I stared into them as the life slowly drained from his face. He had tried to fight back, I’ll give him that, but it was a lost cause. The smirk on my face was present on my lips as I let go on my grip. His body fell to the forest floor. Just like Ali’s had all of those years ago.

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