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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Author's Note: In this poem I decided to define a word in which many have perhaps overlooked.  I worked on incorporating some literacy devices.  

To dislike intensely
It shall not be tamed
Or controlled
For it is everywhere
Even in the places so peaceful
It will surely be a lurking
Hate is like a dark night
Engulfing you whole
Until you know of nothing else
It overtakes you
As you find yourself
So over your head
People throw the word around
As if it is nothing
A lone popcorn kernel
In a super-sized bucket full
It’ll make no difference if you take it out
Yet it'll surely lead to another
and another
An incredible urge
Pushing you forward
To no avail
Tempting us, testing us
That is the process of hate
It keeps getting stronger
Chipping away pieces of your heart
Heartless you are then
Only to be repaired but something even stronger
But impossibly hidden just the same

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