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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Author's Note: In the piece, also, I really focused on including literacy devices and I am like frantic for summer.  So, I thought to combine the two, please take note of each literacy device included.  

I smile giddily and can taste the freedom on my tongue, sweet as sugar. I twirl, spin, and collapse on the hill laughing in a hysterical fit. Crazy as the outburst is, no one is there to witness it as I sit and stare into the forest, everything merely smaller in size because of my current position. Fascinated am I, as if I was a toddler waddling down the stairs on Christmas morning, greeted by hundreds of presents piled under the tree. The sun beats down on me as I lay back soaking it in, the luscious grass poking into my arms and legs. My barefoot are coated with a thin layer of mud and I opened my eyes to see the clouds rolling in across the baby blue sky, the sun blurring in a pink, blurry haze. I intake the smell a mix of barbecue, laundry, and fresh-cut grass, sighing heavily The loud silence was music to my ears as I found myself rolling down the hill, taking my time as I rushed along watching the blur of my summer memories past me by, more than ready to start it all up again.

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