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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Revenge of the Vegetables

 Author's Note: This is a creative story that I tried to really work on being unique with it, by telling this through 2 different perspectives, so you got two different sides. 

“PHILLIP FRED BOB PETERS THE THIRD!!!  You will eat all your vegetables, and I will not hear so much as a groan of discontent escape your lips…or else.” I gulped, and forced my sweaty hand to pick up my fork.  Under the glare of my mother’s fierce eyes, I speared a slimy, green, and asparagus.  Shakily, I lifted it cautiously to my mouth and opened my mouth and slid the slick rod of sickness into my mouth.  Crinkling my nose, I cringed right as it hit my tongue.  Fighting the repeating urge to spit it out, I chewed it slowly, avoiding my mother’s stare.  I swallowed, and washed it down with milk, trying to hide just how much that had pained me.

 I snickered, sitting from the sidelines, watching as my mother’s veins bulged in her forehead, as she exploded at my brother for not eating his deliciously delicious veggies.  Watching as he lifted his fork to he swallowed, I knew as she soon as mom walked away, he’d scrape every last bit that may have stuck to his tongue.  Right, again.  “There not that bad, Pete, gosh, it looked like you were about to have a mental breakdown, now you have to go get her all upset. Smooth.”  He didn’t reply, but I swear I heard him mumble something about how I didn’t know anything or whatever.  As I walked away, I could already hear him scraping the remaining greens into his napkin, and crumpling it up.

 I drifted away, and awoke onto a cloud, in a whole new world.  Everything was so…peaceful, and dreamy.  Rows and rows of sweets were stacked before me, and I smiled, and pondered how this could actually be true.  Looking past all that, I stuffed the candy in my face.  A shadow loomed over me, I gulped.  Slowly I craned my neck, and a look of horror crossed my face.  This could only be described as one thing.  Revenge of the vegetables. 

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