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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Mysterious Place

Authors Note: Dreams are often a topic that confuse many people, so I attempted to identify them better through this poem

The one place you can go to escape the hardships of life, 
Change everything about you 
And fulfill your biggest wishes 
Amazing, peaceful, magical 
It could be 
Mixed emotions 
Your biggest fears come true 
Haunted, evil, tragic 
Nightmares, they call them 
Out-this-world crazy 
It could be perfect 
All the pieces of the puzzle 
Finally fitting together 
Once and for all 
Whether you feel relieved 
When you awake 
Or sad to have it end 
Or confused trying to piece it together 
Maybe you’re trying to clutch the memory 
Of the images that were so vivid then 
But just won’t come to you now 
Dreams aren’t to be tamed 
Just a bunch of thoughts, wishes, fears, pieces of your memory 
Pieced together 
In a way that may or may not make sense 
And as you rub the sleep off your eyes 
To face life again 
You can’t help being thankful for that 
Little escape 
From reality 
For a night 
At least

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