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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Mysteries of Life

Authors Note: I wrote this because this book has some truly amazing lessons we all need to understand, and will learn in our lifetime. Pay close attention to the subordinating conjunctions/prepositions used, and the research involved.

Back then it would have been impossible to live, gasping for breath, as eventually the heart slowed and stopped all together. I would’ve been in that very position, the baby weighing no more than two pounds, my mother’s wedding ring loosely around my wrist, body only the size of a palm of a hand. I’d get one look only at just how cruel life could be, and then I’d be gone, as I laid helpless, done fighting, defeated. Science, is a gift they say, for it is amazing that I lived at all, with the help of the technology we have today. Yet, back then they only had miracles, things they could only pray for, and unfortunately some people were lead to believe that it was all in science. If they told you, you had two weeks to live, that was that. It may be unfortunate, devastating, but there was nothing they or you could do anymore, no way around what they were certain was to come. God, they tell me, works in mysterious ways, and sometimes all we can have is hope, to know that miracles can happen, and attempt to understand that everything happens for a reason. Nicholas Spark’s The Notebook is all about life lessons we will learn in at least one point of our lives told through a truly inspirational story.

If you forgot everything such as your name, your life, your hopes, and dreams, how would you feel? This is what the people with a disease called Alzheimer go through, once it has gotten to a more severe level. Imagine how tough this would be for you and for the ones who love you, as coming to visit you would send a surge of pain through their hearts when you couldn’t remember who they were, no matter how big of a part they played in the story of your life. You’d feel as if you had no purpose in life, and when people came to visit you’d try to be kind, but how could you when you have no idea who they were? Once the questions is out, they grasp your hand and tears fall down their cheeks as they claimed they were your daughter, grandson, or best friend. You sit there, ashamed, trying to clutch the memory, but it won’t come. In this book the only feedback Noah gets for his wife, Aly, is “It’s only going to get worse.” Aly’s disease didn’t hold him back from being with her, though, and much to the doctor's confusion sometimes she remembered who he was, for a brief second. Doctor's everyone claimed it was impossible, wouldn’t allow themselves to believe something that had strayed far from the rules of science, but it did, and Noah only knew the real definition of this...a miracle. Soon it’d all be a blur, and she’d forget it all over again, but he never never lost hope because something was fueling his every move. Love. As someone once said, “Love will always find a way,” which is a quote this author strives off, as we can obviously tell, teaching a lesson we will all eventually come to know.

What if you have had been told you had two weeks to live? In The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, a 12 year old girl who had been in a horrid car accident. Once the doctors had reported the news she was dreading regarding her life, or rather death, she still refused to listen. She wouldn’t believe it, couldn’t, and she never stopped fighting, despite what the doctors had reported so surely, solemnly. How about Jaycee Dugard, a girl who was shockingly kidnapped at age 12? Always confident that it would get better with very passing day, never losing hope as the years dragged on, she proved it was possible when 18 tortured years later, it did, even though negative thoughts came with each passing day. Sometimes you may just want to throw your hands up, drop to your knees, and admit defeat, but don’t. Hope is defined as “to wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment,” in Webster’s College Dictionary, and none of us can ever afford to let it slip away.

For a split second, your soaring through the air, confused, and just as quick as it happened you come crashing to the ground, back to reality. Some people stay down trying to hide from themselves, their life, the real world, whereas others immediately pop back up, acting as if nothing happened at all. Neither of these are the right decision because while hiding won’t solve anything, neither can trying to distract yourself, you just need to learn to accept. The truth is the real world isn’t some big, happy place, honestly, it’s cruel. No matter how long it takes, as long as you have the courage, the ability to figure out the lessons life has to teach, all the while finding your way through the twists and turns that are hurled your way.

In at least one point in our lives, we will learn the valuable lessons, Nicholas Sparks weaves in the pages of his New York Times Best Seller, The Notebook. No amount of words any professional writer could create, would ever come close to defining the true meaning of “life.” If you were Nicholas Sparks, though, you can come very close to the true definition of the word that has confused so many people, touching the hearts of all the people that know the feeling he describes so vividly, and the lesson he teaches through such intense words. Woman, young and old, are sure to understand, especially, the situations these relatable characters go through, and lessons they are learning along the way.

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