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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are You Proud of Your Country?

Author's Note: I wrote this because this is subject of matter, that many people might overlook.  It is, though, a subject we all should be thinking about, remembering every day we go on with our free lives.  This paper expresses just how proud all of us should be of our unique country. 

Staring out in the vacant battlefield, I watch as small figures trudge into view. Dropping to my knees, I grasp my hands together, and pray for all those who were not as fortunate as I and the soldiers now surrounding me.  Standing up, we look into each other’s eyes and we know.  Victory is ours.  A small smile tugs at the corner of my lip, tears roll down my cheeks, as my heart swells with pride.  I, as well as each citizen of America, couldn’t be more proud to call my home the United States of America.

If you came to visit America what exactly would you see? I am not going to turn this into some fantasyland because America’s not perfect.  Sometimes people just don’t get along, but we have to understand we’re only human.  What you will see, though, is a hardworking group of men and women who try their hardest to solve our problems like civilized people.  You will see a land that rings with freedom, where people speak up for what they believe in, and where our flag ripples proudly in the wind.  America is a land where people have the courage to express themselves, to dream, and to be all that they can be.
Did you really expect all these privileges we have to be handed to us on a silver platter? People worked to get into this position we are currently in, not only putting everything they had into it, but putting their lives on the line for us: us, meaning family, friends, and complete strangers, with some only bonded by the inseparable, invisible bond that connects every one of our free, American hearts.  These people went out knowing what was at risk, yet they didn’t care. Just the will to die for their country, is what makes them a hero through all the eyes of the proud, American citizens.  
The United States of America is an ideal place to call home, and I couldn’t be more proud that I have the ability to call it mine.  If this question comes up again, be sure to express how proud you are of a country that had the power to overcome differences and unite as one.  It’s your job as a citizen, really, to speak on the behalf of our country, and honor all of the blood, sweat, passion, and love that has gone into creating the United States of America. 




  1. I loved how you recognized the hard working people of America but also mentioned that we are imperfect. I never really took the time to think about these important and completely true facts. Good Job!! :)

  2. I love this! Your introduction really brought out what you think about this. And you're right America's not perfect but we are proud to call it our home. At the end, it really makes me proud of where I live. Awesome!! :D

  3. This piece is amazing! I love your description in the beginning were you said, "Dropping to my knees, I grasp my hands together, and pray for all those who were not as fortunate as I and the soldiers now surrounding me." Your vocabulary was so incredible. I like how you used different techniques to get the point across. Nice job!