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Friday, December 16, 2011


Authors Note: Sometimes seeing isn't believing, and to truly celebrate the holidays in Christmas cheer you have to understand this. Please notice my use of word choice throughout the piece. 

The machine buzzed and steamed and lurched to a squealing halt. I groaned, and put my head in my heads, though I knew it was just the “Christmas jitters,” and that it was always this stressful on Christmas Eve. Taking a sip of Mrs. Claus’s soothing hot cocoa, I flung myself into action. We still had about 500 toys to go, and they had to be done, and packed in the sleigh by tonight.

A while later, the sun had set, the sleigh packed full. There was only one thing left to deal with. The sleigh wouldn’t start, and no one had a clue why. All the mechanic elf's said their appeared to be nothing wrong with it. Then it hit me. Each year less and less people believe in Santa and the Christmas levels? Extremely low. How could Santa fly if everyone thinks he’s one big lie? At this rate his sleigh would never leave the ground. The one word I want you all to pay close attention is simple, if Christmas is to survive, believe.


  1. I love your use of descriptive words and your essay is very true.

  2. With how you described everything, whether with sound or adjectives, I could totally picture everything. Also at the end I was stuck thinking about how kids are told too early about Santa Claus.