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Friday, November 30, 2012


Author's Note: In this essay, I really focused on showing my skill of predicting on the reading rubric, but also really being able to support what I am stating through solid evidence. I also worked on finding a book where the similar pattern was followed and comparing them.

A is dead.  Alison Dilaurentis’ murderer that has been lurking in Rosewood since the murder, has finally ended up in his rightful position: jail.  All the loose ends have been tied up and Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna are finally convinced they can move on from these occurrences, getting their life back on track in the meantime.  It would only seem fair, after everything they’ve been through that they’d be cut a break, right?  Wrong. A might be gone, but a subtle hints implies that the drama is far from over.  This is where we are left in the end of the book Unbelievable by Sara Shepard leading into the next book in the Pretty Little Liar series, Wicked.  Using the clues I have been given in the book prior to Wicked, I am lead to believe the most likely plot is that there will be a replacement to “A”, with just as much reason to want to destroy the liars as the previous tormentor, if not more.    

Mona Vanderwall, the previous “A”, had gotten all her evidence, more or less, against the liars by Ally Dilaurentis’ journal.  The very same journal that included all of their secrets.  After Mona’s death, the journal was carefully stored somewhere either back with Ally’s family or somewhere in Mona’s place.  Nowhere does it mention it was destroyed and is therefore easily attainable if you set your mind to it.  If a person is to be “A” they have to be sneaky and manipulative and surely a person with those qualities could snatch a journal.  

Not only would it be easy for the future “A” to snatch a journal, the idea of becoming “A” is practically begging to be bought into.  After the whole drama with Mona, the story was released into the press.  They were constantly showing replays on the news talking about a threatening messages only being signed with a signature “A.”  Enemies of the liars wouldn’t even have to think of an evil scheme.  It’s all there, no planning necessary, as easy as stealing a measly, little journal.  And you have to admit, it was a pretty brilliant plan...if you were looking to take down four certain girls in Rosewood Day, which is exactly what a future “A” would have been going for.   

After thinking further into my prediction, I realized that this whole idea of bringing a new enemy into a series, as a replacement of sorts, was not a new idea. Not only did Sara Shepard use this technique, Stephenie Meyer of the Twilight series also did.  The way the draw it out it also similar, if my prediction is indeed true because at the end of each book the enemy dies and a new one takes their place, even more lethal than even the first.  After all in the end of Twilight, the Cullens the enemy is dead and Bella is safe with Edward.  Same goes for the book Unbelievable, “A” is dead and the girls are finally safe.  Both series are far from over, though.  Stephenie Meyer brings in the concept of the Volturi, the head of the vampires, who are out for Bella since she knows their biggest secret, their identity.  And as I’m guessing Sara Shepard will bring out “A” to blackmail the girls, revealing them for what they truly are: liars.  

Life is never peaceful in Rosewood, this has been obvious since the beginning.  Predictions are never for sure, so if this piece turns out to be completely false...well so be it.  I’m only  certain of one thing.  Whether it turns out as I predicted or the author decides to go in a complete different direction--I’m sure Sara Shepard will not disappoint in her 5th book in the Pretty Little Liar series, Wicked.  

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