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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mr. Mason's Jars

Author's Note: In this piece I demonstrating my skills of predicting on the reader's rubric by predicting the ending of Mr. Mason's Jars and comparing it to the actual ending.  From there, I picked which one I liked better.

I think that since Mr. Mason is so shocked that someone like Troy, who at first he assumed was a bad kid, would be so open and not just immediately assume he is a bad teacher like everyone else.  Nobody has probably talked to him when he didn't direct a question towards them in class, so for Troy to be giving him the benefit of the doubt is something new.  Not really experiencing a kid like this before, he will probably not as private and open up to him about by telling him the history of whatever is in the jars.  Soon, after he tells Troy the story word will get around to the other kids.  They will be somehow impressed by whatever it ends up being, and give him a chance instead of just assuming he's mean and avoiding him at all cost.  Mr. Mason will make a better effort to really connect with the kids.  

My prediction couldn't have been any farther from what actually happened.  I guess I have been watching too many Disney movies or something because I have really become accustomed to the whole "happy ending" ordeal.  Somethings people can't change, or won't for that matter.  Mr. Mason allows Troy to look in the jars, but really when he does it takes his soul.  And Troy is now under complete control.  That's a little messed up.  I mean if you don't like children, don't be a teacher it's as simple as that.  But no.  Mr. Mason feels the need to take evil to a whole new level.  And the way he takes out a sharpie and writes Troy oh-so-slowly as if basking in his accomplishments and places it on the shelf with all the other kid's souls. His accomplishments of TAKING KIDS SOULS. That's pretty serious stuff.  While my prediction was all like la-de-da everyone wins, I have to say I am enjoying the whole evil concept.  It's so unexpected, you know?  There is so much drama in one short story whereas a kindergartner could've probably made the same prediction that I just did.  So, I am going to have to go with the original ending versus my own.  

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  1. I think that this piece is really good. There is good connections to the movie and I think that you are most certainly right about the disney movie thing! Disney movies somehow, always end up happily ever after! :) This Piece Is Wonderful! Keep up the good work.