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Friday, November 9, 2012

Equal Rights?

Author's Note: In this piece, I was writing about a topic that was fresh in my mind and it was just something I felt like really needed to be said. My main focus was getting my opinion across and really put my voice into it. Goal achieved?

No appreciation.  No gratitude.  No respect.  This is pretty much the treatment women and girls received back when the Constitution was still being established.  When I was younger, I was surrounded mostly by boys: cousins, brothers, uncles.  I learned pretty quickly how much it took to keep up with them and received no special treatment for even doing so. Society has completely altered since these times and now women expect to be treated as equals.  They have a right to get an education, a job, and do things for themselves.  This I completely understand, yet there is a flipside to this situation, there are girls who are independent and others...not so much.  

Some girls work the whole “women less than men” thing to their advantage.  They expect that just because they are girls the guy should do everything for them.  Guys should pay for the dates, guys should give them spontaneous presents, guys should always give them compliments.  And what do the girls do?  Sit there and look pretty?  The thing that really irritates me, in the least, is when these are the exact girls who always say, “Girls can do anything guys can do,” are the ones doing this exact thing.  If you want to be treated as equals, why are you sitting around expecting the guy to do everything for you? Saying you can do anything is not the same as actually doing it.  And you have the nerve to wonder why women are treated unequally?  I mean would it honestly kill you to pay for one date? Say you both have jobs, then why is the guy blowing his hard-earned money?  Why not you?  Jobs are hard and quite often you work a lot for little pay, so personally if I was a guy I would want to save up my money and not waste it all every time my girlfriend wants to go out.  

The girls who actually do care about women's rights are the girls who are going out there focusing on the education and making a life for themselves.  Let’s just get one thing straight here, being single does not make you weak.  If you are strong you won’t need a new guy in your life every time the old one leaves.  Independence is key.  Sure, I want to get married sometime eventually, but it’s not my main priority.  Education, job, future.  Why aren’t those everyone’s standards nowadays?   Instead most girls will find themselves complaining about how their life is just awful because the boy they like doesn’t like them back.  Here’s a little suggestion for next time: instead of counting how many boyfriend’s you’ve had let’s count how many tests you ace this year.  See the difference?  

If you want to  be created equals it’s not going to be a cakewalk.  There will be actual work involved and if you don’t want to get your pretty $50 manicured nails dirty, well then don’t act like you actually care about women’s rights.  I strongly believe in equal rights, and can honestly say that this should have been included in the constitution.  But I am prepared to actually act like an equal and work my fair share for my own money.  I’m not going to expect anyone to do it for me because they have to work hard enough to support themselves.  What I am trying to say here is women deserve to be equal and should have all the same opportunities as guys do, but in order to get there you need to be able to not rely on anyone but yourself to help you fulfill that position.  

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