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Friday, May 18, 2012

A Hunger for Passion

Author's Note: I wrote this piece to attempt to explain to the readers just the passion I feel for music because not a lot of people understand not wanting music in your life, but needing it instead. 

There are no words to describe what emotions are pulsing through body at the moment when I think of music. I play music for more than the beauty I have it because for me it’s a necessity. Without it, I’d be lost, for when I have a bad day I bottle up my feelings until I can be alone with just me and my music. When I am playing or even listening that is when I am at my most vulnerable position and at the moment I am not afraid to put everything bit of emotion I am feeling into the piece. It is my savior.

Music is not something that you can thrust upon yourself, for it has to be something that you were born into. Like God took you and said, “This girl she’s going to be something she’s going to make music. That will be her passion.” Plenty of people can say they like music, but only few truly understand it. You only truly know you love music when you play not to bring other people joy, but to bring yourself joy instead, for that is at the moment when music has taken permanent residence in your life.

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