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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Journey: Based on the life of CANDIES XS

Authors Note: In this piece, I really tried to stress the emotion, and thoughts this item was having throughout a journey all the whiling teaching a valuable life lesson. Please notice the use of A-B transitions.

I hung frozen, murky white ruffles hanging limply down me, black lace topping them so precisely, the uttermost fashion, or so I’ve been told. The birth certificate attached to the back of me itched slightly, and I imagined the words bold to all the humans, claiming just who I was. The words placed upon it I had memorized, CANDIES SIZE XS. That was who I was, and if only someone could appreciate me for just that. I’ve been shoved aside too many times, just so another could be taken, on to the adventure of what we skirts here can only dream of.

“Your skirt looks AH-MAZING!!” I beamed, as my ruffles swirled out around me. My owner skipped off into the sunset, rubbing my silky quality between her fingers.

“Oh..my..gosh, I totally love this!” I snapped out of my daydream as I felt a sharp tugging pulling at my side. Before I could react I was in a bag, being carried home. To a new destination, a new life. My life had officially begun.

After hanging in on the same rack for what felt like a century, I was now on my way to greater things, of this I was positive. Awhile later, I introduced myself to a whole bunch of totally different clothes, none of them even closely resembled me, I observed, stunned. The days passed by quickly, as I made friends fast, but deep inside even I knew that I longed for something more. Something that would make this life worth living, my dreams complete, accomplished. I longed to be worn, to experience something outside the store, and the dark closet filled with hush whispers of fellow clothes. One summer day, I awoke groggily from sleep, and I held my breathe as a pair of hands reached in the closet. They chose me. Resisting the urge to scream in pure joy, I twirled out, and breathed in the fresh air. There was no way I could know what was to come, and I knew there would be ups and downs, but I was tingling with excitement because for that very brief moment, my life was complete.

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  1. So creative, wish I had come up with it first. Meanwhile, I wrote a poem about writers block because I couldn't think of anything else. Keep writing.